Chalbi Boys High School students attack teachers and the School is closed

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Chalbi Boys High School students attack teachers and the School is closed

Two of the six teachers were critically injured and transferred to the Marsabit County Referral Hospital.

Chalbi Boys High School in Marsabit has been closed after reports that students attacked and injured non-local teachers on Monday.


The six teachers were attacked as they prepared to begin morning lessons.


Two of the six teachers were critically injured. They were transferred to the Marsabit County Referral Hospital.

Milton Nzioka, the county’s director for education, said the decision to close the school was made by the County Education Board. “Ministry of Education and security teams are on the ground,” he said.

“There have been reported injuries but let us wait for the teams on the ground to finalise investigations,” he told The Standard via text message.

Teachers chased

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North Horr Deputy County Commissioner, speaking to journalists, said the students pursued the fleeing teachers into a nearby school.

“They chased the teachers into the school where some had gone to seek refuge and later dispersed when they saw a police lorry approaching,” he said.

Investigators are still probing the motive of the attack in which the students are said to have told the teachers that it was ‘pay back’ time.

According to the county Chief Officer for Health and Medical Services Edward Leiti, two critically injured teachers were brought in treatment.

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Another male teacher is said to be in a stable condition.

“We have received two critical clients from North Horr sub-county believed to be teachers. The two are nursing cuts on the head, legs and hands,” he said, adding: The second teacher has multiple cuts on the head and a broken left leg”.

Staff room stormed

A survivor of the ordeal, who did not want to be named, said the students stormed the school’s staff room as the teachers were getting ready for Monday morning lessons.

He claimed that one of the teachers opened the staff room door for the attackers. The teachers had locked themselves inside after the students threatened to kill them.

“It was a horrifying moment when they cornered us and told us they were going to kill us; that it was our last day in the school,” he said.

He claimed he narrowly escaped lynching. “My colleagues, who were seriously injured, were trying to escape and get help from villagers,” said the terrified teacher.

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