Howt Apply for ALX Launchpad Program 2018 for High-potential Changemakers

Howt Apply for ALX Launchpad Program 2018 for High-potential Changemakers.
Applications are open for the ALX Launchpad Program 2018. The ALX Launchpad empowers recent university graduates with leadership skills, entrepreneurial experience and connections to a powerful network of potential employers and investors. ALX is your platform to launch a career of impact and purpose or incubate your own venture.
The six-month ALX Launchpad initiates your 5 year membership in the ALX community. You will gain access to exciting career opportunities, continuous learning and a powerful networks of investors, mentors and leaders. In exchange for this membership, you will contribute a small portion (10%) of your earnings for five years to provide future young leaders the opportunities you received. In this way, there is no upfront cost and you only “pay it forward” once you earn a salary. Alternatively, you can pay USD 2,000 upfront for the 6 months induction, and then USD 1,000 per year community membership fee.
The ALX Launchpad empowers you in the following ways:

  • Powerful network of leaders, entrepreneurs and investors
  • Incubator for Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • Portfolio of real-world projects
  • Relationships with Employers
  • Five year membership in unique ALX community support
  • Data Driven Decison Making
  • Critical Thinking
  • Project Management
  • Impactful Communication
  • Team Collaboration


  • Applicants should be a recent university or college graduate looking to launch a career of impact;
  • A budding entrepreneur looking to develop your idea further and to plug into a powerful network of mentors, potential co-founders and investors;
  • Passionate about innovative solutions to Africa’s greatest challenges;
  • Naturally curious and open to new learning opportunities;
  • Someone who enjoys challenging assumptions and developing new insights.

Click here to apply

Deadline: August 10, 2018

For more information, visit ALX Launchpad.



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