Check Kenya Prisons Ranks and Salary Structure

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List of Kenya Prisons Service Ranks | Check Kenya Prisons Ranks and Salary Structure – Here is the complete Ranking Structure of the Kenya Prisons Service – List of Kenya Prisons ranks and salaries of officers and junior officers.

Kenya Prisons Ranks and Salary Structure
Kenya Prisons Ranks and Salaries Structure: List of Kenya Prisons Service Ranks

Kenya Prisons Ranks, New Ranks of Kenya Prison Service, Kenya Prisons Salary Structure, Kenya Prisons Allowances, How much does Kenya Prisons Workers earn… Full Details Below…

It is important to have a knowledge of the Kenya Prisons Ranks just in case… Below is the list of all Kenya Prisons Service Ranks in their respective order together with the salary scale and allowances. Kenya Prisons ranking consists or subdivided into two part, the Senior Officers And Junior officers.


The ranking structure of the Service is divided into two – the Senior Officers and Junior Officers.

Constable of Prisons-PG 1
Corporal of Prisons-PG 2
Sergeant of Prisons-PG 3
Senior Sergeant of Prisons-PG 4
Inspector of Prisons-PG 5
Chief inspector of Prisons- PG 6
Superintendent of Prisons-PG 7
Senior Superintendent of Prisons-PG 8
Assistant Commissioner of Prisons-PG 9
Senior Assistant Commissioner of Prisons-PG 10
Deputy Commissioner of Prisons-PG 11
Senior Deputy Commissioner of Prisons-PG 12
Assistant Commissioner General of Prisons-PG 13
Deputy Commissioner General of Prisons-PG 14
Commissioner General of Prisons-PG 15


Want to know how much Kenya Prisons Workers take home per month? Here we present you with the salary structure of the Kenya Prisons Service.

These are Kenya prisons salary excluding allowances.

Constable of Prisons -Sh20,987
Corporal of Prisons from  Sh28,671
Sergeant of Prisons Sh31,737
Senior Sergeant of Prisons- Sh33,903.
Commissioner of Prisons earns Sh141,000- Sh127,000


Kenya Prisons Employees earns allowances according to their rank which includes risk allowances. We will update the allowance scale later when we verify them.


They earn a minimum of entry basic salary of at least ksh 30000 but It depends on your field of specialization.

If you have correction or suggestion regarding the Kenya Prisons Ranks and Salary Scale, kindly let us know by comment session.

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