| Check 2018/2019 National Service NSS Posting Here

Check 2018/2019 National Service Scheme NSS Posting Here –

How to Check NSS Posting Online 2018: National Service Scheme, NSS Posting 2018/2019 – Check National Service Posting Status  –

National Service Scheme posting posting:  The National Service Scheme (NSS) wishes to inform the general public especially applicants that applied for National Service 2018/2019, that they can now check the National Service Posting Online following the below procedures.

How to Check National Service Posting

To Check your National Service Posting Status, follow the leads below to access the list;

  • Go to the National Service Posting Portal via
  • Enter your NSS Number (e.g. NSSGCC100105) in the required box
  • Finally, Click on the Submit button and wait for the pop-up window to open with your Posting Information.

Congrats to all successfully posted candidates.


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