M Phil Political Science Programme at University of Ghana

About M Phil Political Science University of Ghana

The Department of Political Science was established in the 1961/1962 academic year with only three Ghanaians among a total teaching staff of seven. Until then, during the period of the University of Ghana’s affiliation to London University, a course in Government was taught in other departments. The numerical strength of Ghanaians increased over time as young graduates of the University College of Ghana who travelled for further training abroad started joining the academic staff of the new department. Within a few years of the establishment of the Department, Political Science grew to be one of the most popular disciplines in the University of Ghana. The problem of student numbers, which to this day, continues to plague the Department, has been in existence since the1963/1964 academic year. Unlike in the past there has been a corresponding growth in the academic staff both at the level of lecturers and teaching assistants.

At the undergraduate level the Department offers a 4-year BA Political Science programme. The Department is accordingly able to offer a wide range of courses in Development Studies, Comparative Politics, Public Administration, Public Policy, International Relations/Politics, Political Theory, Research Methods, and Politics and Development in Africa/Ghana. The degree in Political Science enables students to function in several areas of the Ghanaian economy and globally. Generally, the degree prepares students for public sector management/public administration, diplomatic service, non-profit work, law school, private sector work, and among others.



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