Proceedures to apply for Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist exams

Proceedures to apply for Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist exams-Valid Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA 98-365 exam Practice Test

The Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) 98-365 exam tests a candidate’s knowledge in windows server administration fundamentals. After successfully completing MTA 98-365 exam, you will then proceedures to apply for Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist exams

Valid Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) 98-365 exam Practice Test to help you get to the next level of certification/Photo by Bouton


To help you understand these certification paths offered by Microsoft, let’s first look at the basics of how they work.

We have there fundamental levels;

  1. The associate: At the associate level we have Microsoft technology associate (MTA) exams and certification
  2. The specialist: This is the Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) series of exams  and certification
  3. The professional: This level is your Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) exam and certification

The associates which we are going to focus on, help  fill a big gap in the Microsoft  certification series and that is fundamental knowledge which tends to be skipped over,  if you just start at the MCTS level (The Specialist)


There are about 30 to 50 questions in the MTA 98-365  exam which may change since Microsoft does not publish this information. The questions are designed in multiple-choiceformats. The passing score is 70 which does not indicate that you need to answer 70 percent of the items correctly. You are required to complete this Microsoft certification test within 50 minutes.


The exam objectives guide you in terms of preparation and what to expect in the exam. Here are the exam objectives:

  • Understanding Server Installation
  • Understanding Server Roles
  • Understanding Active Directory
  • Understanding Storage
  • Understanding Server Performance Management
  • Understanding Server Maintenance


There are courses that you need to complete before you sit for the MTA exam. Below are the training courses for the 98-365 test:

  • Understand RAID
  • Understand Updates
  • Understand Services
  • Understand Continuity
  • Understand Disk Types
  • Understand Group Policy
  • Understand Web Services
  • Understand Print Services
  • Understand Remote Access
  • Understand Device Drivers
  • Understand the File Services
  • Identify Application Servers
  • Understand Accounts and Groups
  • Understand Performance Monitoring
  • Understand Active Directory Infrastructure
  • Understand Troubleshooting Methodology


There are a number of practice tests available for this exam which you can take advantage of. One of the best among them is 98-365 Windows Server Administration Fundamentals Practice Test.


This is an exam that you can pass with proper preparation and the right approach. Here are tips for passing the 98-365 test:

Advice and tips on how to pass your MTA 98-365 exams/Photo Source

  • Focus on the exam objectives

The exam objectives will guide you to know the areas that you need to focus on. You will develop a study approach that will cover all the necessary content that you need to master. The exam objectives somewhat represent the blueprint of the exam and help you know what to expect in the exam. You need to identify the exam objectives of this test, after which you will begin preparing on the same. This will help you pass the exam.

  • Practice exam questions

There are exam questions in that will help you practice for the actual test. Practice questions are great because they help you gauge your level of preparedness if you were to sit for the exam at that particular moment. When you do the tests regularly, you take away any exam fever and familiarize yourself with the exam environment which gives you a sense of confidence. The internet is full of websites that offer practice questions but you should ensure the website source istrustworthy. Microsoft also has practice questions which you can get from their website.

  • Read the questions carefully

Microsoft examiners are known to add information to their questions so you need to be keen before you settle for a particular answer. Some questions may require you to offer multiple correct answers and you should ensure you give the number of answers that have been specified. You can miss out on a score just because you neglected to comply with a specific requirement of a question. Take your time to read through the instructions so that you can give each question an appropriate and correct answer and pass the exam.

  • Manage your time properly

You only have 1 hour 30 minutes to complete the exam and you need to ensure that when that time is up you have completed the exam. You need to focus on the questions that you can easily tackle before you go for the questions that are challenging. This will enable you to have more time to tackle difficult questions and give you a better chance of passing the test. Proper time management will allow you to undertake the exam while you are relaxed and help you avoid rushing to answer questions when you are almost out of time.

  • Master your skills

The exam has theory as well as practical questions. Therefore, you need to focus your energy on both for you to attain the passing score. This Microsoft certification exam will help you perform professional IT roles in terms of Windows Server administration and you will be tested on your skills to validate your skills in a professional setting. Your skills are an important asset in the IT industry and you need to ensure you make an effort to understand what you are required to do in a practical setting for you to pass the exam.

  • Focus on relevant content

While the study resource may contain relevant content to help you prepare for the exam, you need to isolate the content that will help you pass the test and avoid loading your brain with unnecessary material. When you develop a study system that will keep you grounded to the areas of importance, you will be able to go to the exam prepared to deal with all the possible scenarios that may be brought your way.

  • Ensure you have covered your entire coursework

The training you undergo before you sit for the exam is meant to prepare you for the exam and to help you get the certification. You need to study every concept so that you are not caught off guard when you come across a question that comes from a topic that you overlooked. There are instructor-ledtraining that allows you to ask for help in any area that you find challenging. Do not skip a topic because it is challenging as you may end up missing the passing score because of this.


The MTA exams are meant for those candidates who do not have experience with a Windows network thus you need to check the Microsoft website for the particular exam you are going to take. The 98-365test is an entry-level exam that will help you further your career by making you eligible for advanced certifications as well as great positions in the IT industry. You should take it upon yourself to ensure you are well prepared for the exam.



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