SportPesa Registration Portal: How To Register SportPesa Online Or Via SMS –

SportPesa Registration Portal: How To Register SportPesa Online Or Via SMS – – To Join SportPesa, You must follow the instructions on this page to Register and verify your Account with SportPesa.

SportPesa Registration: How To Register SportPesa Online Or Via SMS -
SportPesa Registration: How To Register SportPesa Online Or Via SMS –

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Joining SportPesa just got easier as there are two ways to register on SportPesa get in the game. SportPesa registration via SMS and online through the SportPesa website, Register and use SportPesa login page to participate in the SportPesa jackpot games that give football fans an opportunity to win the SportPesa jackpot and other bonuses.

East Africa is leading in the mobile payment platform. One only needs to send an SMS to a short code to register on SportPesa. Mobile money is preferred when paying utility bills such as digital TV subscription, Nairobi Water bills and KPLC bills. This is mainly through Equitel Kenya and Mpesa. Football fans can use the SportPesa website to make football predictions.

They also receive the latest free soccer predictions and live scores on their mobile gadgets. Mobile services are enabling Kenyans to make Nairobi Water bill inquiry and check their water bills online. One can also buy KPLC electricity tokens via SMS. In addition, one can use their mobile phone to register on various websites.

After completing the SportPesa registration process, you can use the SportPesa login page and then deposit money from Mpesa to SportPesa (or from the other mobile money networks). It is also more convenient to deposit and withdraw money from Mcheza and SportPesa through Mpesa.

SportPesa Registration Procedure: How To Register On SportPesa Online

This is the procedure for SportPesa registration online

  1. Go to and click the Register Now button. It is located at the top-right corner of the page.
  2. On the pop-up window, fill the required fields (including phone number and creating a unique password). Then read and accept the terms and conditions,accept if you are over 18 years old. This is required to continue with SportPesa registration.
  3. You need a REGISTRATION code to log into your account. Consequently, click the GET REGISTRATION CODE button.
  4. SportPesa will send you a registration/ verification code via SMS. Enter that code. Then finish the SportPesa registration procedure simply by clicking on the COMPLETE button.
  5. You will receive a second SMS confirming the successful registration. The SMS will have your Username (your phone number) and a unique PIN number. It will also have the paybill number for your SIM card operator, whether it’s Safaricom, Orange etc.
  6. After completing the SportPesa registration procedure, log-in to the website using the username and password you have created. Then use the deposit money from Mpesa to SportPesa procedure.

SportPesa Registration: How To Register On SportPesa via SMS

SportPesa registration via SMS is easy and fast:

  1. Go to and read the terms and conditions. Consequently, you need to acknowledge that you accept their terms by sending an SMS with the word ACCEPT to the SportPesa SMS number 79079.
  2. Wait for an SMS from SportPesa with your log-in details. These are Username, PIN (Password) and your network operator’s paybill number for mobile top-ups before placing a bet.
  3. Deposit from Mpesa to SportPesa (or from either Airtel Money, Orange Money and YU Cash). Then enjoy the SportPesa games.

SportPesa Login: SportPesa Get in the Game

There are reports of a new SportPesa jackpot winner almost every month. Many keep searching for ways and tricks of how to win SportPesa jackpot in Kenya through the SportPesa Jackpot games on

News of the fifth SportPesa jackpot winner, Elimah Khanaitsa, has caused an increase in the desire of SportPesa fans to win the SportPesa jackpot. The Kakamega-based sales woman won Ksh 22 million after reportedly placing just two bets worth Ksh 200.

Football Predictions aren’t Straight-Forward

However, jackpot games predictions are tricky. Football match results are affected by so many factors, such as changes in weather, team morale and injuries. Most of the previous SportPesa winners are football fans who know many things about the sport.

Football fans usually know the current team rankings, recent club results and players with injuries. Such “footballholics” are expected to have an advantage when it comes to how to win SportPesa jackpot. This is why news of a married woman becoming the fifth SportPesa jackpot winner have set social media on fire.

SportPesa Registration: SportPesa Jackpot Analysis

The SportPesa jackpot will henceforth start at Ksh 10 million, beginning from January 2016. Making football predictions on is a quick way to lose or make money in Kenya. The SportPesa jackpot has now been won many times. This has led to many Kenyans wondering what is it that these SportPesa jackpot winners have done to win.

How to Win SportPesa Jackpot: How to make Correct Football Predictions

How to win SportPesa jackpot is not rocket science. Winning the SportPesa jackpot seems to be mostly about luck – a woman has now won it while hundreds (of thousands) of soccer-mad East African male football fans are still chasing the jackpot.

How to win SportPesa jackpot: Here is a collection of proven tricks to make correct football predictions.

  1. Research and know the sport. This is one of the best trick in how to win SportPesa jackpot. There are many free football prediction websites. These sites also provide the latest match results, club news and upcoming fixtures. There is even Statistical Football prediction, a method that seeks to predict results of football matches using statistical tools.
  2. Check the weather: Changes in weather affects football results. Bad weather is a match equalizer, boosting the chances of underdog teams. Teams that have good short passing skills are more affected by cold weather.
  3. Manage your cash: A single bet never won the jackpot. As a result, place smaller bets that are of a consistent amount to increase your chances of winning the SportPesa jackpot. A recommended strategy is to never bet more than 1% of your available cash. Aim to win at least 50% of your bets, otherwise you will be making a loss.
  4. Use SportPesa login and try your luck: As the SportPesa jackpot keeps rising every week, you will feel the temptation to get in the game. After the SportPesa registration procedure, just go to the SportPesa login page. Try your luck because you might just become the next new millionaire in Kenya…thanks to winning SportPesa jackpot.

Football Betting Tips and Tricks: How to Win a Football Bet

Another trick how to win SportPesa jackpot is to use your head. But don’t get emotional about certain teams. We always want the team we love to win, but they sometimes don’t even when we feel they must.

Do some football research before hitting the SportPesa login page, then trust your feelings. This will help increase your chances of winning the SportPesa jackpot. Use these football betting tips and tricks to win SportPesa jackpot.

Follow results of football matches. You don’t even need to watch the whole games. Moreover, remember that teams find it easier to win at home. This is because of the so-called home advantage. These are some of the best ways to make correct football predictions.

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