Complete List of Ph.D Courses Available at UCC & Admission Requirements

UCC Ph.D Courses & Admission requirements, Official List of University of Cape Coast, Cape Coast Doctor of Philosophy Courses offered for admission – UCC PHD Courses, check UCC complete list of Ph.D Courses available admission.
UCC Ph.D Courses

Check University of Cape Coast, Cape Coast (UCC) PH.D Courses.

UCC Doctor of Philosophy Courses.

Ph.D – Agricultural Economics
Ph.D – Agricultural Extension
Ph.D – Aquaculture
Ph.D – AWBC/UCC PhD Program
Ph.D – Development Studies
Ph.D – Economics
Ph.D – English Language (Ph.D)
Ph.D – English Literature
Ph.D – Entomology
Ph.D – Ethnomusicology
Ph.D – Fisheries Science
Ph.D – Geography and Regional Planning
Ph.D – Health Promotion
Ph.D – Hospitality Management
Ph.D – Integrated Coastal Zone Management
Ph.D – Literature in English
Ph.D – Mathematics
Ph.D – Mathematics Education
Ph.D – Music Education
Ph.D – Music Theory and Composition
Ph.D – Non Governmental Studies and Community Development
Ph.D – Oceanography and Limnology
Ph.D – Physical Education
Ph.D – Physics
Ph.D – Population and Health
Ph.D – Qualitative Research
Ph.D – Religion and Human Values
Ph.D – Science Education
Ph.D – Statistics
Ph.D – Tourism Management
Ph.D – Wildlife Management


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