list of Courses offered in UMat

University of Mines and Technology, Tarkwa, UMaT courses offered at the institution for admission.
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list of Courses offered in University of Mines and Technology, Tarkwa

There are several courses offered at University of mines and technology. The courses have been grouped below;
School of Postgraduate Studies
The School of Postgraduate Studies (SPS) runs the MSc/MPhil and PhD programmes in Geological, Mining and Mineral Engineering and MPhil/MSc and PhD programmes in Geomatic, Electrical and Electronic, Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics. In addition, the School runs special PhD programmes in Electrical and Electronics, Mechanical, Geomatic, Geological, Mining, Mineral, Petroleum Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering and Mathematics for the purpose of staff development.
Graduate Programmes
The Graduate Programmes aim at providing a firm grounding advanced concepts in modern methods in mining and allied engineering disciplines. Successful graduates from UMaT therefore acquire the requisite skills to solve complex engineering problems and issues associated in mining and allied engineering industries as well as other sectors of the economy. The programmes are have been listed below.
Geomatic Engineering
Mineral Engineering
Mining Engineering
Geological Engineering
Financial Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical and Electronics
PhD Electrical & Electronics
PhD Mining Engineering
PhD Mineral Engineering
PhD Geological Engineering
PhD Financial Engineering



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