List of University College of Management Studies Courses & Requirements

List of University College of Management Studies Courses & Requirements: courses at University College of Management Studies, University College of Management Studies Courses available for admission.
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list of Courses offered in University College of Management Studies

This institution offers business and management programs.Its main mission is to create an environment and facilities which will inculcate the requisite competencies and attitude in its products. Such professional and academic competencies will enable them to provide productive service to the society.To ensure this is achievable,the institution”s vision is to become a reputable management and research institution of higher learning which will develope academic and moral excellence and so hold its own in a competitive global environment.

University College of Management Studies has the following
(i)Human Resource Management
(ii)Procurement and Supply Chain Management
(iii)Accounting, Finance and Marketing .

Courses offered At University College Of Management Studies

B.Sc. Human Resource Management(Human Resources)
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Marketing Option)(Marketing)
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Banking and Finance option)(Banking and Finance)
Bachelor of Science in Administration (Accounting Option)(Administration )
B.Sc. Audit and Financial Accounting(Accounting )
B.Sc. Procurement and Supply Chain Management(Chain Management)

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